Any business needs to have a vision, a destination to reach. This vision will define the state of success which the organization can then strive to achieve. Based on the vision the organization has to define a strategy to establish the path designed to achieve the vision. 

The process to establish a vision and then deduct the strategy from it should be handled well and the content known to all employees. Only through this common knowledge of the target can the whole organization work together to achieve success.  

All other processes can be aligned to the strategy. If a major process is not supporting the strategy of the company it is probably a burden, slowing down intended growth to reach the vision.

Services provided in this area:  (individual/single projects or in more general combination)

  •   Support in the process to establish a vision and strategy
    ​  e.g. set up of Balanced Score Card for site or departments
  •   Connection of vision/strategy to the activities of individual departments,
       especially in Operations
  •   Change management to align departments to the vision of the organization
  •   Implementation of company vision/strategy into provided services 
      when working in any of the other 5K focus areas

services provided in 

knowing vision & strategy