The major asset of any organization is its personnel. People make the difference with everything they do. Success can only be achieved if there is a consistent culture throughout the organization. Through the culture of the organization all the success factors come together and can begin to flourish. Major elements to deliver high level contribution are based on clear communication, common knowledge of the vision/strategy and goals, consistent alignment and performance of the leadership, simple performance management, strength based recognition of the employee contribution, and provision of growth opportunities to the employees (training and constructive challenge to get their contribution).

Services provided in this area:   (individual/single projects or in more general combination)  


  •   Support in recognizing relevant contribution factors to assure success for the organization
  •   Incorporation of cultural aspects in all services provided
  •   Support in process analysis to strengthen performance
  •   Training in 5K focus areas, managerial tools, performance improvement for the organization
  •   Support in change management   

Services provided in

Knowing Culture & People