Knowing the Requirements

  • Internal and external Customer Requirements,
  • Quality Systems, cGMP, Regulatory Compliance

Knowing the Vision

  • Definition of the desired state to be in and 
  • Establishment of the strategy on how to get there

Knowing the Processes

  • Analysis and control of your processes,
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity, 
  • Sustainability of an effective organization

Knowing the Performance

  • Definition of the processes to be measured, assurance of focus,
  • Metric system to control performance, continuous improvement

Knowing the Culture and People

  • Definition of the company culture
  • Dynamic and cultural conduct, cultural change management

Motivation for Consulting Support

The 5K Concept

Service is provided with a high level of experience in the analysis of processes to improve your status of compliance as well as performance improvements to increase and assure growth of valuable business results. Special focus can be provided as single projects in any of the individual areas given below or in a more holistic approach for the growth and development of your organization. Having good knowledge of the 5K focus areas will assure the success of your organization, sustain its performance and support further growth to create desired value.




5K = Five Perspectives of Knowledge through which to assure success of an organization